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"Rolf Aamot - Digital Photopaintings" by Professor Øivind Storm Bjerke
On Rolf Aamot's exhibition at the The National Museum of Photography - PREUS PHOTOMUSEUM, Horten, Norway, 2003
"Visual Dramaturgy" by Rolf Aamot
Published in "Spillerom", Norwegian magazine for dance and theater, nr.3.1990
Painting/Tonal Image with Laserbrush and Laserfrequency Palette by Rolf Aamot
Published by Bergen Artmuseum 1998
"Evolution - an experiment " - Television 1967
Article from the Norwegian publication "Programbladet" (28th May - 3rd June, Nr. 22, 1967)
"Visual music" - Television 1968
Article from the Norwegian publication "Programbladet" (21 - 27 April, Nr. 17, 1968)
"Visual Music is Tones in Pictures" by Rolf Aamot
(Translated by Philips Norway/Polygram Records,1986)
Rolf Aamot - Norwegian Biographic Encyclopedia 2005  
(Volume 10, page 155)
Rolf Aamot - Electronic painting by Per Hovdenakk, former Director of Henie-Onstad Art Centre, Norway  
Auditive and Visual Art Tone by Rolf Aamot, published by Prisma Records 08.01.2012

The Brain and The Climate is our Vulnerability by Rolf Aamot


Political Visual Communication in Our Age of Information by Rolf Aamot