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By Rolf Aamot

11,500 years ago Scandinavia was in the ice age.
The modern man, Homo Sapiens, appeared in Europe around
40,000 years ago.
Then the biggest leap in human history took place - when we all of a sudden were intelligent. We began to create works of art and advanced tools, such as Petroglyphs and cave paintings in
southern France and northern Spain, and specialized tools.
During the 75 000 years before that man had been anatomically modern in every way, but without having produced a single example of symbolic or abstract thinking that is preserved for posterity.
Researchers believe that a few small changes in brain        composition, maybe due to the creativity unique to mankind, only one or several small genetic mutations was enough to make sudden and dramatic improvements.
Over the past 30,000 years, modern humans spread throughout the globe and reached North America from Asia  across the landscape that linked the two continents together where we now find Bering Strait. During this period man began cultivating the soil, domesticate animals for livestock and live together in society.
Our unique brain and climate determined the existence of life on our planet. Excistence – to be: the world we are aware of through our senses. Color, line, depth, shape, motion, contour, physiognomy, the unconscious / intuitive included in being.
Electromagnetic energy controls our mind / body, our planet and the universe.

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