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"A Feeling of Deep Pain": Pope John Paul II, March 20th 2003
"Irreversible Steps" © Kristin Linder 2003
"The Song Gives Wings to Sorrow"  
"Before the Fall" "The Fall" "Heaven"
"Earth" "Sun" "Calm"
"In the Shadow of the Cross" "Before the Storm" "Sandstorm Over the Oasis"
"Returning to India" "Savannah" "Betrayal"
"It's all Over" "Hope" "After"
"Everything Human Passes" "September 11"
"Red Desert" "The Bird and the Man"
"Greenyellow with overtone series"
"Red with overtone series"
"Blue Angel"
"The Day Before..."

"Heavenly Sign"

"Heavenly Sign"
"The one who saw the Light"
"Tide 1" "Tide 2 "   "Tide 3 "    
"Blue Tango " "Dance Macabre "
"Firebird"   "North Cape "   "Midnightsun"
"Icebound" "Northpole"  
"Human Being" "Human Beast"

All images on this website are © Rolf Aamot 2002-2009, except "Irreversible Steps" © Kristin Linder 2003 and "The Fall" and "Blood and Earth" [these two images are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License).